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Dec 26, 2011 4:00am PST
of the attacks in nigeria. in his annual christmas day message, the pope called for an end to violence in syria. >>> in west bank town of bethlehem, hundreds attended christmas mass. the holy city saw an increase in visitors this year. an estimated 100,000 tourists were there. >>> in iraq this morning, six people were killed. the bomber struck during this morning's rush hour. over 30 others were wounded. the attack followed a wave of explosions last week that killed over 70. the group that calls itself anonymous says it hacked a i think tank over the holiday. they claim they stole the personal information from stratfor, a texas-based firm. clients include apple, the miami police department and u.s. air force. the department of defense told cbs news there has been, quote, no impact on pentagon networks. >>> a christmas tragedy in texas. seven members of one family were found shot to death. police say it was murder and suicide and happened after they finished opening presents. selena hernandez of ktvt, our station in dallas-ft. reports. >> reporter: the merriment of the holiday was overshadowed b
Dec 6, 2011 4:30am EST
democrat warns gingerich his past will tore peato his campaign. >>> inside syria, cbs gets an exclusive look at the uprising in the regime. >>> and not too hot, not too cold, astronomers find an earth-like planet not too far away. this is "cbs morning news" for tuesday, december 6th, this is "cbs morning news" for tuesday, december 6th, 011. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everybody. and thanks for joining us. we begin with the republican politics and the surging popularity of newt gingerich. he is now leading hits gop rival necessary most polls and says he'll challenge president obama in every state. republican caucus goers in iowa think gingerich has the best chance of defeating the president according to a new cbs news/"new york times" poll out this morning. gingerich campaigned here in new york yesterday and dean reynolds has the details. >> reporter: to those surprised by newt gingerich's rapid rise in the gop field, you can apparently add donald trump. >> it's amazing how will he's doing and how it's resinated with people. >> reporter: surging in the polls, gingerich us
Dec 27, 2011 4:30am EST
and no weapons were used. some stores were forced to close their doors during the incident. >>> in syria reports this morning government tanks are being pulled. this video taken from a social media website shows the tanks prowling the streets. arab league monitors are on their way to make certain the government complies with a peace plan. activists say government forces have killed hundreds of civilians across syria in recent days. >>> in nigeria at least two suspects are under arrest for the christmas day terror bombings that killed at least 35 people. david martin reports on how africa's most populous nation is struggling with the growing islamist movement. >> reporter: a nigerian newspaper called it the blackest christmas ever. dozens of people killed in the bombings of three christian churches. a radical islamic group popularly known as the nigerian taliban claimed credit for the attacks which marked an especially bloody day in the war against its government, the world's tenth largest oil producer. the nigerian taliban, whose official name boko haram, roughly translates as western education
Dec 20, 2011 4:00am PST
. >>> in syria, one of the bloodiest days in the nine-month uprising. in damascus monday, shots rang out and thousands of protesters ran in this video posted online. one person was reported killed, but around the country, more than 100 others died, including at least 70 army defectors. >>> coming up on the morning news, football fans plunged into darkness. break out the cell phone flashlights. >>> plus, the atm where you don't have to pay a fee, but there's a catch. this is the "cbs morning news." there's a catch. this is the "cbs morning news." this was the gulf's best tourism season in years. all because so many people wanted to visit us... in louisiana. they came to see us in florida... nice try, they came to hang out with us in alabama... once folks heard mississippi had the welcome sign out, they couldn't wait to get here. this year was great but next year's gonna be even better. and anyone who knows the gulf knows that winter is primetime fun time. the sun's out and the water's beautiful. you can go deep sea fishing for amberjack, grouper and mackerel. our golf courses are open. ou
Dec 2, 2011 4:00am PST
, holding talks with turkish leaders on the conflict in syria and iran's nuclear ambitions. biden flew to turkey from iraq and thanks troops for their sacrifice and their work as they prepare to withdrawal. here is jim axelrod reporting from baghdad. >> reporter: at camp victory, the u.s. military headquarters in iraq for nearly nine years, vice president biden paid tribute to the nearly 45,000 troops who lost their lives here and the more than 40,000 wounded. >> because of you and the work of those of you in uniform have done, we are now able to end this war. >> reporter: neither side would call it a handover ceremony, but that's exactly what it was. 13,000 u.s. troops remain in iraq. that number will be zero in three weeks, if the plan holds. the main worry here is that when troops leave, there will be an eruption of violence between sunni and shia arabs. a return to the bloodiest days here. or even worse, a descent to civil war. but mubai is not worried, saying any outbreak of sectarian conflict will not last. >> we have built over the last nine years, good iraqi security forces whi
Dec 6, 2011 4:00am EST
clinton is meeting in libya today. in syria yesterday, opponent of president assad were in the streets as they have been in the last month. since the uprising began, it's estimated 4,000 civilians have been killed. the syrian government does its best to keep the crackdown under wraps. but cbs managed to sneak a camera across the border to the file this exclusive report. >> if you will come, you will see real bodies. they are not stone, they have not toys, they are real bodies. >> they want international military support. and they say they will not give up their protests until president assad's regime falls. a military helicopter circled overhead, but the chanting only grew stronger. we are pauseful and they are shooting us, they shouted. we want freedom. there's a special graveyard for protests that have been gunned down in duma. there are 60 graves. a man just handed me this photograph of a family member of his that was killed. he was only 13 years old. the u.n. estimated in early november that at least 4,000 people have been killed. activists tell us the number is much higher. these
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)